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Laboratory of Advanced Science and Technology for Industry (LASTI) at University of Hyogo was established in April 1, 1994. In this laboratory we intend to promote advanced research and development of synchrotron light source and its application, and support industry by developing advanced technology in collaboration with companies in Hyogo prefecture and also near this area. In order to materialize this mission 1.5 GeV synchrotron light source facility, named NewSUBARU, was constructed in 1998.
Soon after the completion of the NewSUBARU facility, the use of two light beam lines started. At present nine beam lines are in operation. Extreme ultra-violet light application, nano-micro processing and nano-bio application, advanced materials development and spectro-chemical analysis, and gamma-ray production via laser-Compton scattering, and so on are progressing using this light source and beam lines.

The beam line BL05, which constructed in 2008, is intended to be used for characterization of industrial materials. The line is operated in collaboration with the venture business company, Synchrotron Analysis Limited Liability Company (SALLC), in order to support business of industry intensively. On the other hand, LASTI is holding the seminar with the name of “The 21st Harima Science and Technology Forum” every year since the opening of the laboratory, in cooperation together with the companies in the regional area, in which we are discussing advanced technology development and future scope of industrial business. The NewSUBARU is possible to give quite wide range energy photons from infra-red and ultra-violet light to gamma-ray, depending on users interest. We expect the users of wide variety of the field to visit our facility to make use for advanced research and industrial application.

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Outline of our facility

NewSUBARU Synchrotron Radiation Facility was constructed at the SPring-8 site in collaboration with the SPring-8 staff. The facility was constructed by Hyogo prefecture and is being operated by Laboratory of Advanced Science and Technology for Industry, University of Hyogo. SPring-8 dedicate mainly generation of super bright hard x-ray synchrotron radiation, NewSUBARU is generating complementary spectral region as from extreme ultraviolet (EUV) to soft x-ray.

Electron beams accelerated by SPring-8 linac are alternatively injected into SPring-8 and NewSUBARU storage rings. Accelerators operation and radiation safety has been managed in comprehensive manner.

Present scheduling of NewSUBARU is decided at about one and half month before operation. Two types of operation, top-up operation (constant curent mode, any time electron injection) with electron energy of 1.0 GeV and storage operation (acceleration after injection, injection once and decay current) with electron energy of 1.5 GeV, are possible to choose. NewSUBARU facility accept not only university and government collaborator, bat also many industrial researchers and users. User assistant researcher makes technical support for pay user, to maximize effective utilization of synchrotron radiation facility.

Storage ring and beamlines of NewSUBARU facility

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Pamphlet and movie of NewSUBARU (English/Japanese)

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