Electron Storage RingNewSUBARU electron storage ring

Brief overview of NewSUBARU electron storage ring

NewSUBARU facility has a 1.0-1.5 GeV electron storage ring 118 m in circumference. Electron beams are delivered from SPring-8 LINAC at the energy of 1.0 GeV. In addition to twelve normal bending magnets, our ring has six inverse bending magnets to easily make momentum compaction factor (α) positive, negative and small values. The ring has four 2.5 m long and four 14 m long straight sections, at which magnets for injection, a RF cavity, insertion devices are installed. As insertion devices we use a 11 m long undulator, a short undulator (1.5m) and an optical klystron. In the 1.0 GeV user time, top-up operation is performed to keep the stored current 220 mA. In the 1.5 GeV user time. beam energy is ramped up after accumulation of beam current of 400mA at 1.0 GeV. By an automatic COD (closed orbit distortion) correction, the stability of beam positions is kept within about 10 microns.

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Details of NewSUBARU electron storage ring

  • Parameters of storage ring

  • Injection from SPring-8 LINAC

  • 1.0GeV top-up operation

  • 1.5GeV operation

  • Magnets

  • RF

  • Beam Monitor

  • Vacuum

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Accelerator Staff

  • Shuji MIYAMOTO (LASTI, University of Hyogo)

  • Yoshihiko SHOJI (LASTI, University of Hyogo)

  • Satoshi HASHIMOTO (LASTI, University of Hyogo)

  • Yasuyuki MINAGAWA (JASRI)

  • Kenji KAWATA (JASRI)

  • Takahide SHINOMOTO (JASRI)

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