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We, KYOYO-user division, shall deliver all our support to facility users.
(KYOYO means "in service" or "shared" in Japanese.)
If you have any questions about use of synchrotron light in our facility, pleaese do not hesitate to ask us.

Staff for User Support (KYOYO-user division)

  • Shuji MIYAMOTO
    (Professor, University of Hyogo)
    Head person in charge for NewSUBARU Open Advanced Research Facility Initiative (KYOYO-user division)

    Responsible for NewSUBARU Synchrotron Radiation Facility. Investigating for industrial application of new quantum beams, such as a gamma-ray beam and a positron beam.
  • Mititaka TERASAWA
    (Professor/Emeritus, University of Hyogo)
    User Support: Liaison, Coordinator

    With the advent of high quality synchrotron light source technical innovation for EUVL, nano-scale fablication and material analyses is progressing. NewSUBARU is the typical facility for such an industrial use. Utilizing it is now your turn.
  • Muneyuki MOTOYAMA
    (University of Hyogo)
    User Support Liaison, Coordinator

    NewSUBARU is a unique facility that enables nano-technology manufacturing and materials analysis. Use of the beam line BL05 by indusrial companies is strongly recommended for material analysis since soft x-ray absorption spectra of many elements can be measured.
  • Yoshikazu MIYAHARA
    (University of Hyogo)
    User Support: Technical staff

    The New SUBARU is a multi-purposed synchrotron radiation facility opened for all users of VUV and X-ray radiation, which is provided by an excellent electron storage ring. It is very qualified and precious, so it must not be left to rust. Scientists and engineers are encouraged to apply to the facility.
  • Kazuko ISHIKAWA
    (University of Hyogo)
    User Support: Clerk

    I try to make fast and sincere response for your request. Please do not hesitate to ask me.
  • Satoshi HASHIMOTO
    (Assistant Professor, University of Hyogo)
    Accelerator, IT, etc.

    I am responsible for an electron storage ring and many of our facility, including information technology, vacuum engineering, software development for bemalines and so on.
  • Takeo WATANABE
    (Associate Professor, University of Hyogo)
    EUVL, EUV application, applied optics, semiconductor advanced lithography

    Research fields are EUV lithography, EUV application, applied optics, and semiconductor advanced lithography, and resist material and process.
  • Yuichi UTSUMI
    (Professor, University of Hyogo)
    Nano-micro fabrications, Nano-bio devices

    I have developed microfabrication techniques using synchrotron radiation. Please ask for us any subjects arisen at development of new products in your institute.
  • Kazuhiro KANDA
    (Professor, University of Hyogo)
    Industrial analysis (XAS, XPS), Development of new materials

    Soft X-ray is very useful tool for the chemical state analysis and surface modification of materials. I hope to contribute the expansion of industries by advancement of industrial technology using SR, which is very attractive light source.
  • Sho AMANO
    (Assistant Professor, University of Hyogo)
    Laser-Compton gamma-ray

    I hope that our gamma-ray source will be used in many (especially industrial) applications.
  • Takao FUKUOKA
    (University of Hyogo)
    User Support: Technical staff

    As a technical adviser, I am willing to assist your irradiation operations mainly with beam line No.2.
  • Takayasu MOCHIZUKI
    (Professor/Emeritus, University of Hyogo)
    User Support: Liaison, Coordinator

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