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For users

NewSUBARU information for users

1 General information for users
2 Information of NewSUBARU faclities
3 Information of facilities at LASTI

1 General information for users
1-2  User registration
1-3  NewSUBARU operation schedule
1-4  Regulations on prevention of radiation hazards at NewSUBARU
1-5  Chemicals at LASTI and NewSUBARU
1-6  Contact to LASTI staff
1-7  Gesthous, restaurant and the Harima science garden city (last modified H12.9.21)
1-8  Map of SPring-8  HP of SPring-8
1-9  NewSUBARU operation schedule
2 Information of NewSUBARU faclities
2-1 Facilities
・1 Various informaion: Photocopier, facsimile, printer, etc.
・2 Machinery
・3 Electricity
・4 Network
・5 Crane
・6 Gas
・7 Clean room
2-2 Accelerator, insertion device
2-3 Beamlines
2-4 Common spare parts
2-5 Various informaion
・1 Separate collection of garbage, wastes
・2 IC Security system of NewSUBARU
2-6 Contact at emergency
2-7 Utilization of phone and PHS
2-8 Utilization of postal service
3 Information of facilities at LASTI
3-1 Facilities
・1 Experimental rooms
・2 Machine shop
・3 Clean room
・4 Draft for achid and alkaline, draft for organic solvent
・5 Gas
3-2 Utilization of library
3-3 Utilization of postal service

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