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Nano-Microsystem Technology

LIGA process, that utilizes a useful industrial application of synchrotron radiation, is one of the promising technologies for fabrication of extremely tall three-dimensional microstructures with a large aspect ratio. As research and studies in various fields such as micro-mechanics, micro-optics, sensors, actuators are promoted. Futhermore, the demands for microparts produced by chemical, medical, and biological technologies will be greatly increased.

Research Lists
Bio Microsystem Laboratory
Staff Professor Yuichi Utsumi
Research Lists ・Development of nano micro process that added a function by photo-excitation and wavelength tunable LIGA
・Analysis of the fluid behavior in the 3D micro space using computational fluid dynamics
・Development of advanced microchemical systems using synchrotron radiation fabrication
・Investigation of characteristics of water in the extreme condition
・Condition control and function extraction for liquid phase matter using microwaves

LIGA (large area exposure) <BL02>
BL02 is a beamline for X-ray deep lithography with large work area. By using this line you can attain both fabrication processing with high aspect ratio and that with the accuracy below submicron level. This beamline has X-ray optical system which can select light energy from 2 to 12keV, and less than 2keV. According to the result of the fabrication by synchrotron lithography using newly developed X-ray masks, it has been successfully demonstrated processing of high aspect ratio at depth more than 2000μm with largest work area of A4 size, which is 15 times larger compared with conventional world top work area.  
PMMA sheet
▲ A4 size X-ray lithography ▲ 5 axes control exposure chamber
SEM image
▲ SEM image of high aspect ratio PMMA microstructures

LIGA Beamline <BL11>
Beamline BL11 was constructed for deep X-ray lithography in the LIGA process. This beamline is used for fabricating submicron order microstructure with high aspect ratio, and have spectra ranging of photon energy from 2 to 7 keV. The second mirror is bent elliptically using a bending mechanism in order to change the focusing beam spot. The exposure is carried out with the workpiece held in a specially manufactured nine parts operation stage to fabricate 3D microstructure.
  stage 3D structure
9 parts operation exposure stage
3D microstructure
(1) Original (2)light and shade image
(3) SEM image (top) (4) SEM image (slant upper)

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