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Advanced Photon System

In advanced photon system field, 3 kinds of key fields on the advancement of nanotechnology, are investigated using synchrotron facility, NewSUBARU, research on material properties and structural analysis of advanced functional material, development on spectroscopic analysis methods for light element material and development on novel light source and its application. We aim to perform community contribution and education and/or personnel training through the industry-university co-operation cooperation.

Research lists
Kanda Lab.
・Material research and local structure analysis on functional diamond-like carbon films
・International classification of diamond-like carbon films
・Creation of the new functional materials by the SR exposure
Niibe Lab.
・Development of spectroscopic technology for light element materials using synchrotron radiation
・Development of beamline technology for synchrotron radiation
・Fabrication and evaluation of compound semiconductor thin films and devices, such as GaN, TiO2, and BN
Amano Lab.
・High brightness solid-state laser
・Laser-produced-plasma EUV source
・Laser Compton gamma-ray/THz-SR


・BL01 (Compton gamma-ray beamline)
・BL05(Industrial analysis beamline)
・BL06 (Photoreaction beamline)
・BL07 (Short undulator analysis beamline)
・BL09 (long undulator EUV beamline)

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