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LASTI (Laboratory of Advanced Science and Technology for Industry)
The Laboratory of Advanced Science and Technology for Industry (LASTI) was founded in April 1994 in Himeji Institute of Technology by Hyogo prefecture.  It is expected to be a center of excellence in the research field of photon science and related technology.  Through collaborations with different industrial technologies. In order to achieve this purpose, we consructed one of the foremost synchrotron facility "NewSUBARU".  

Organization of Research Institute
The laboratory has 2 regular chair of "Light and Particle Science and Technology" and "Light Application for Advanced Technology" with 3 and 2 department members respectively. The former chair studies the light and particle science, and promotes the establishment of the nano-science acheieved by using synchrotron radiation. The latter chair proceeds the development of expanded microdevices and new nanometer level measurement in order to assist the related advanced industries.

NewSUBARU facility
The NewSUBARU project was named after the Japanease name for the Pleiades star cluster "Subaru", which is one of the most beloved in the night sky. The mission of the project is constructing a 1.5GeV SR ring, "NewSUBARU", and doing research on synchrotron radiation and its applications, in collaboration with local industries. The first synchrotron light was observed in the fall of 1998.

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