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Calls for research Proposals

Time to make a proposal application

When you have an urgent topic in order to obtain the result in short term, it may be possible to arrange the extra beam time, although it is not always possible. For such a case, we are ready to accept a special request and arrange the beam time. If you have such a request, do not hesitate to ask us.

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Proposal application procedure

Use Application Form, and fill it up, then, send to the KYOYO-user division, LASTI via e-mail attached with the form.
The address of the KYOYO-user division is as follows;
In addition to the application form, send a paper or briefs describing the organization to which the applicant belongs. Six prints of those are requested. Before application it is recommended to inform your request to the liaison or coordinator.

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Category and fee of using NewSUBARU

There are two kinds of category to use the facility; that is, one is to open the result and others not to open the result. You have a choice. Before you decide which you select, it is recommended to have a discussion concerning to such a matter with us.
We have three systems of using the NewSUBARU facility, that is,
(1) the use according to the program of the KYOYO-user division,
(2) the use according to the collaboration program with LASTI, and
(3) the use by commissioning for research.
The basic price for the use of the facility (beam line) is ¥26,000 for one hour.
For the industrial materials analysis by BL05, the collaboration company (Synchrotron Analysis LLC or SALLC( will support the making proposal application, data taking and analyses with extra payment. It is recommended to ask us on this matter before application.
In the program of the KYOYO-user division, there is a system of “Trial use” in which the users are invited to use the facility with no charge.

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Announcement of decision and procedure after apploval

Announcement of decision is sent to the applicant whether the application is accepted or not. The applicant having got the announcement o "accepted" is recommended to inform the schedule of the work and beam time request to the office of the KYOYO-user division, LASTI. This procedure is necessary for users to obtain the beam time as soon as possible.

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Obligation to keep official secrets

Persons involved in the program using the NewSUBARU facility must keep official secrets, concerning to the information of proposal application and selection procedure. The papers issued for the purpose of proposal application and related ones must be used only for the selection purpose, and not to be opened to public. However, the title of the selected proposal and users name may be opened in the report to the MEXT, and also in the homepage of the LASTI, University of Hyogo. Moreover, in case of collaboration research and commissioning research, it should be kept to follow the respective agreement.

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